Your Invitation to the Story of the Rice Fields

We grow our own rice, the heart of our sake, in Hyogo Prefecture's Kurodashō, Okayama Prefecture's Akaiwa, and the Camargue region of France.We feel this is important so each and every one of our products is truly hand-crafted from start to finish.
This also means each vintage has its own unique story to tell.
It's terroir is ingrained in its very body, and our philosophy is to allow each vintage express that.


Born in Kurodasho

Crop / Yamada Nishiki Rice Polish 50%
Kurodasho is the name of the district where most of our rice fields are located.
This cuvée was created to show that particular techniques could be adapted to rice cultivation in order to improve its quality as well as that of the sakes obtained.
However deep our work as brewers may be, certain things remain inalienable; the time and technique involved in the sake process are only valid within the qualitative framework of the raw material.
We depend on it.

So the logic of determining the desired profile of a sake and matching a type of culture makes sense.
Low yields, careful soil management and strict cultivation calendars are all factors which, once established as specifications, will sublimate the close link between rice and drink.
At tasting we discover a velvety mouth, with frank notes of white peach and wild blackberries, the residual sugars bring even more volume, the finish is long.


Crop / Omachi Rice Polish 40%
The finesse of Omachi

Often with cereal taste or even earthy or very fruity depending on the production techniques, the rusticity of the sakes obtained is the distinctive mark.
Notwithstanding this variety can express itself differently, and offer a floral bouquet and notes of fresh fruit such as coconut.
The umami mastered and present unconditionally because of this variety of rice gives body to the whole.
The discreet acidity prolongs the feeling of freshness at the end of the mouth.
The rice used is classified each year in the Toku To category, and comes from our rice fields in Okayama, which we operate under a rental contract.

Born in Camargue

Crop / Manobi (Native to France) Rice Polish 50%
In the suburb of Arles, in the south of France, is the Camargue, the main rice growing region of France.
Our house, very influenced by the approach of the terroirs, and having a vineyard in Burgundy, set itself the challenge of working with rice from another origin.

Since 2016, in partnership with French rice farmers, we have been producing rice each year to be transformed into sake in Japan.
Rice is cultivated according to the rules of organic farming, respecting the crop rotation cycles.

In fact, the main problems in the Camargue rice fields are the salt concentration of the soils and the pressure of weeds. To overcome these two constraints, rice farmers are carrying out rotations of dry and flooded crops.

Worked using the same methods as its Japanese cousins, the sake obtained illustrates the central role of the variety of rice involved.
Unquestionably the minerality of the soil is found in this sapid and powerful cuvée. The sugars blend delicately with the notes of cereals and dry straw.
Very expressive, it reaches its peak faster than sakés from Japanese varieties, however a six month aging period is the minimum.