Making Domaine Kuheiji Wine.

In 2016, Kamoshibito Kuheiji began producing wine in Bourgogne, France as Domaine Kuheiji.
But why would a maker of Japanese sake decide to go to France and make wine?
It is sometimes said that the most innovative discoveries in a field are made by those newly introduced to it rather than those who were there all along. It can be difficult to come up with new ideas when you have been taught for so long to do things a particular way.
Innovations are born on the edge,
where a mingling of knowledge and experience from different fields can occur.
That is something only we were able to achieve.

The personality of both grapes and rice is greatly affected by the soil and climate in which they are grown.
One must know how to decide which crop and cultivation methods are best suited for each plot of land.
In truth, the choice of Morey Saint Denis in Bourgogne for our winery was mere chance, but also a fortunate blessing bestowed upon us by fate.

With its diverse array of micro-climates, it is the ideal location for making wine.


Wine's mission is that of connecting people.
Its fragrances and flavors increase the value of time shared during meals, whether they be with family and friends, or with new acquaintances.
Evoking past memories, granting inspiration, strengthening thought and emotion. We strive to create wine that has the power to resonate with human connections.