A story not found anywhere else.

In the world of wine, you will often see the term 'domaine.' Traditionally, this refers to wineries in Bourgogne, France which also grow their own grape crops for their product.
There are many such specialized terms when speaking of the world of wine.

When discussing Japanese sake, however, the main ingredient is rice. And as distillers of sake, we wished to take responsibility for our own crop.We asked ourselves, "Is it really acceptable to be a producer of Japanese sakewithout understanding this vital step in the process

That is when we decided it was our duty to cultivate the rice we use in our own products.

Achieving this required overcoming agricultural and distilling obstacles both deep and tall. Reaching an acceptable understanding of the story that takes place in the rice fields each year required us to physically move to a location where we could cultivate and harvest the rice before turning it into a finished product.
So in 2010, we did just this, relocating to Kurodashō and beginning our journey out in the fields.

Nurturing rice in Kurodashō.

Hyogo Prefecture's Kurodashō is one of the few regions that meets the requirements for growing Yamada Nishiki rice.
Among the many types of rice used in making Japanese sake, we believed Yamada Nishiki rice possessed the ideal potential.
It allows for an elegant, graceful aging process.

All strains of rice have a natural home.
Factors such as climate and soil quality play a large role, and with its daylight hours, precipitation levels, and temperature changes, Kurodashō is the ideal location.
The density of each grain of Yamada Nishiki rice grown here results in Japanese sake with complex structure, taste, and aroma.
This was our reason for choosing Kurodashō to grow our rice, despite its distance from our brewery in Aichi Prefecture's Nagoya.

Transforming agriculture in Kurodashō.

When we first began, we were at a loss as to what kind of rice we hoped to produce.
We knew without doubt that we wanted to grow it with our own hands, but we hadn't the slightest notion of where to begin, what direction to take, or which method of cultivation would be best.
Thinking back on it now is more than a bit embarrassing.

"What in the world is rice to begin with?"
"Where did the plant originally come from?"
"How did it get here?" "What is its history?"
"What is the identity of Japanese rice?"
"What is the importance of rice to the Japanese people?"

These questions ended up taking us on a journey.
One of discovery that led us back to the very beginning.

Throwing out all we took for granted and re-learning everything from the beginning has given us the ability to shine new light on the question, "What is rice?"
We now take pride in the knowledge we have gained.

There are things we can do thanks to having our own rice fields.
Things made possible only because we did not start out as farmers.
We value quality over quantity, nurturing the potential within each grain.
As producers of high-quality Japanese sake, there is meaning to cultivating our own crop.
And reason to acquiring the magnificent rice that is Yamada Nishiki.

Building a brewery in Kurodashō.

We began cultivating Yamada Nishiki rice in Kurodashō back in 2010.
With every passing year, our desire to process our rice all the way through to a finished, distilled sake right here in here Kurodashō continued to grow.

With our desire to demonstrate the importance of a strong connection between rice field and brewery in 21st century sake production, we decided to establish a new one.
This was the next step on our new journey.

We strive to bring something new to our brewery, re-shaping it from the ground up to build a new sense of value and worth, then sharing those qualities with our drinkers.

It is our mission to increase the sense of identity of our rice, the fields in which it is grown, and the agricultural process. By cultivating our main ingredient ourselves, and through our finished sake, we are then able to share that sense of identity with all of you.

※Image is computer-generated.
Our Domaine Kurodashō line of products is expected to be released in winter 2022.
We hope to see you then.