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Our Principles

If you were to ask painters such as Ogata Korin or Ito Jakuchu, "Were you trying to convey your culture onto the canvas?"
I believe they would tell you no.

The goal isn't to convey culture, but rather to elicit a genuine reaction in the people of the time.We want to hear them say, "Wow! This is delicious!"
But how exactly were we supposed to create a brand new expressive style?
We worried about this for some time.
Such a reformation, one worthy of the 21st century, necessitated discovering a ubiquitous radiance.

It's safe to assume sake brewers have felt this same desire for thousands of years.
Without that passion, it is unlikely the tradition of brewing would have endured this long. Each new generation inherited the spirit of those before them; a drive to never remain content with the status quo, instead seeking out new ways in which to help the tradition evolve.

Our company exists only because of the strong foundation our predecessors built for us. Now, we must make the most of the present in order to pay respect to their hard work and achievements.

We believe the only way to achieve this is through new innovations;

looking closely at what defines us as a people in our current era, listening to the feedback of our customers and learning what brings you joy, and through all this, always making a sincere effort to continue improving the contents of the products we create.

Our customers are the reason we have come this far.
It is you who stand watch and keep us working hard.
We hope you will continue to do so into the future. Thank you for your continued support.

Kuheiji Kuno
Company Name BANJO JOZO co.,Ltd.
Established 1647
Kuheiji Kuno
Address 41 Nishikadota, Oodaka-cho, Midori-ku, Nagoya,
TEL +81 52-621-2185
Business Manufacture & Sales of Japanese Sake and Wine, Brewer's Rice Cultivation
Kuheiji Agriculture(Kurodashō, Hyogo Prefecture)
Domaine Kurodashō(Kurodashō, Hyogo Prefecture)