Kamoshibito Kuheiji

Seeking a nostalgic, refined, mature fruit flavor.

Kamoshibito Kuheiji strives for a balance of bitter, tart, and acidic.
Instead of relying on special techniques, we make use of each sake's myriad scents to harmonize with the five tastes and bring out the natural shape and fullness of our products.

The acidity of a sake is like the backbone of a person.The better the strength and posture, the better the taste.
The foundation of all our products is in our presentation of each one's wide range of aromas and elegant acidic flavor.

"A nostalgic, refined, mature fruit flavor."

By limiting the human technical influence, we can pay homage to the raw materials' excellence.
There is something elegant about the natural form.

※We print the year (vintage) of the rice on each of our products.
Please keep in mind that the vintage of products currently on sale may differ from those pictured.