Welcome to Simplicity.

K for Kamoshibito.
K for Kuheiji.
K for Kurodashō.
We hope to meet you somewhere along your journey to discover the joys of Japanese sake.

Le K would be honored to serve a role at everyone's dinning room table.
Its slightly lower alcohol content makes it the ideal choice for starters or light dishes. This summer sake and festive ambience will seduce the last hesitant with its great accessibility.
Who says travel also says exchange of vision, here is a sake that inspired the greatest mixologists.


Rendez vous

Crop / Yamada Nishiki Rice Polish 50%
Our desire with this cuvée was to create increased accessibility in terms of tasting that could bring together amateurs as well as neophytes! Indeed, the fact of having voluntarily lowered the volume of alcohol allowed us to obtain a sake with suave and light tones, softer, without this being at the expense of its character. Because indeed, with a polishing rate of "50", the intrinsic properties of yamada-nishiki are expressed with ease and pleasure, without being erased by the aqueous perception of our mountain water which is the basis! Thus, in the most courteous and sensual way, this meeting between our spring water and the yamada, proves to us that even after years of being together they continue to learn from each other!

Your company alone will be enough to open up fully and with distinction, to the first sensations that will be yours, once you have brought this saké to your attention.
So as an aperitif; or if it is hardly the moment that you consider appropriate, nothing will prevent us from reserving this cuvé the moment of the dessert, on pretty assortments of fresh fruit, citrus fruits in winter or beautiful red fruits in summer.
Finally if you are greedy, always on fruit, but also in pie or cake.


Crop / Yamada Nishiki Rice Polish 55%
And if I told you that I would be delighted to make you travel in our universe, and without moving from your living room! Would you believe me? When I speak of travel, it is of course an invitation to open your senses and lower your guard regarding the so-called “sake” too unfairly conveyed in Europe in favor of distilled rice alcohol, and not slowly fermented and sweet like wines, which capsize us so much.

"55 percent polishing rate" to allow it to express itself with more honesty and exuberance, and at the same time, have the ability to come and touch all the erogenous zones of your palate, and allow you to travel with us, mouth-watering sensations!

I imagine this sake with a superb French cheese platter, or an assortment of two or three styles (soft dough with floury crust, cooked pressed dough, cow, goat cheese, young or mature) to bring a fresh feeling of neutrality, lovely aromatic whispers, which will surely come, whispering readiness for what one might call, an "almost" perfect harmony.